Wednesday, 30 March 2016

20mm Mounted British Naval Officer

In an earlier blog, I mentioned that Bob had found some moulds for 3 figures we hadn't seen before, a mounted Naval Officer, a British Infantry and a Highland Infantry standard bearer. 

I promised to paint them up so you could see what they looked like.  Sorry I have been sidetracked with the painting of my S range Franco Prussian War figures and converting a number of figures. I have finally got around to painting one of them.

Here is the Mounted Naval Officer

I have often wondered why Jack never made 'Generals' for his colonial armies so I repainted the Naval Officer as a Russian General.

Although the figure has a coat with lapels, the paint job sort of disguises it and fools the eye.

The Standard bearers are on the 'paint table' and I'll posted pictures when the are done.