Wednesday, 4 May 2016

HMS Cressy complete

As you may recall from posts elsewhere on this blog, Jack has been working on a model of the WW1 Armoured Cruiser HMS Cressy.

Although it was due to have been completed at Christmas, as is almost always the case at shipyards the construction suffered some delays, not least when his son showed him a picture of HMS Cressy with an Admirals walkway on the stern which Jack didn't have on his picture!  Whilst not many people probably knew about the walkway, it had to be retro-fitted.

Anyway, he finally finished this week and I thought I show you some pictures of the finished article. 

The model is made from cardboard, foam board, coffee stirers, bits of wood, wire rods and home castings. All the lifeboats and the steam launches are also hand built and all the guns rotate! 

Not too bad for a lad of 86 years young!