Saturday, 9 March 2019

Found in a box in my cellar - Jack's boats

I was sorting through some boxes in the old coal cellar (very small basement to US readers) and I came across a box with these two boats/armoured barges.

I bought these from Jack when I was first introduced to him by our mutual friend Stuart Asquith when he still lived in Harrow.

It was a very long time ago and I fell out of love with 54mm gaming only painting one set of crew and they have been in a box for many, many years.  Anyway I thought I would share with you another example of Jack's handy work.  

The boats/barges themselves are made of card.  Jack cast up the machine guns and the sailors come from a range I think he sold to Little Legion but he made them himself.

The roof to the 'steering house' can be removed

and up to 12 figures or equipment can be carried in the hold which also has a removable deck cover.

Jack is 90 this August still making bits and pieces and has just finished gluing together lots of Perry's ACW figures.


  1. Delightful boats!

    Active at 90, something to aim for.

    1. Yes indeed, he was on the phone asking when I was coming over for a wargame! Still travels on the tube and bus around London. Memory isn't all it could be, keep asking him what happened to his 20mm Japanese army which I know he has somewhere as we have used it a few times. Would love to get them into action against the white coated Russians!

  2. Beautiful models, far too good to be kept in the coal hole! shame on you.

    1. They are now in the loft instead! I have a 54mm Boer army which are Jack's figures still in the cellar. Don't know what to do with it!

  3. Jack's modelling skills never cease to amaze me. These look great and would be useful in all sorts of Colonial game.

    All the best,


  4. We used them in one game to land French colonial troops it was good fun, but you can see how I have fallen out of love with the scale as in 15 years or so I haven't got around to painting the 5 crew on the second boat/barge. Having found them I now don't know what to do with them!