Sunday, 31 January 2016

20mm British and Sudanese/Egyptian Camels

In the lastest reprise of Jacklex figures I thought I would share his 20mm camel troops with you.  

The mounted 'Sudanese' camel is available from Spencer Smith Miniatures, although it is listed as Egyptian Camel Troops (E6/E7), but it works for either.

Jack and I were playing the Fire and the Sword Campaign and he decided he wanted to have some British Camel troops so he made the British Camel Corp figure.  I remember him agonising over the sun galsses on the helmet and trying to get them right.  Having made them, we then both decided that being able to dismount them would be fun.  So off he went and made the kneeling camel and a British and new Sudanese dismounted figure. I know that firing over the heads of camels was not on, but they look fun. 

Unfortunately, Spencer Smith do not list these British figures and dismounted camels in the range.

Sudanese Camel troops

E6 and E7


  1. It is a shame that Spencer Smith do not produce these figures either...I used some of Jack's Navel Gun teams for my Camel Corps;

  2. Hi Duncan
    I thought Jack passed the moulds for the camels onto Spenser Smith. He hand cast these figures and I did have the moulds for a while to cast some for myself. I will ask Jack what happened to them.