Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Jacklex 20mm Artillery and Sailors

A belated Happy New Year.

Continuing my trawl through Jack's boxes of colonial figures here are some of his artillery and Sailors.  As with the previous posts, these were painted by the man himself nearly 40 years ago.  There are more wagons and machine guns and light guns I have yet to take pictures of, but for now......

These are shown with 4 horse teams, but because of the way Jack set this up horse teams could be as big as you wanted.  The RHA in my British Zulu War army is a six horse team.

Colonial Gun and British crew...

.....and now the same gun with the Indian crew.

More 4.7 inch guns than you would know what to do with.  Gunners are shown in both Khaki and Royal Naval uniforms.

As with the artillery teams, you could add as many pairs of oxen to this set as you wanted. It looked pretty spectacular with 6 pairs of oxen although it took up masses of room on the table.

The great thing about Jack's colonial range was the breadth of it.  He made sailors to go with the infantry, making naval landings and support possible.  My apologies as these are not the best pictures.

Slight adjustments to the arms creates a variation on the running figure

Jack's ship's crew.  I am not sure this was ever produced commercially.  Jack made these a few years ago to go with a paddle steamer.  You can see the origins, the figure designed to hold the ships wheel looks very like it is based on the Boer horse holder and the ship's captain on a British officer with binoculars from the colonial range.  


  1. I have always loved Jacklex figures and equipment and that ship's crew are wonderful - I am sure they were never released commercially.

    I was fortunate a good few years ago to pick up from ebay a big set of colonial artillery of all sorts, in a hand made fitted box. I also once bought four or five Boer Voortrekker wagons, which i still have unassembled somewhere. Mind, I also have about eight sets of the Hinchliffe 20mm 40 pdr and elephant team ...

    1. I was fairly certain about the ships crew, I have a number of castings that Jack made for me, still unpainted. The moulds are probably in his garage somewhere.

  2. Really lovely sets. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Can I thank you both for your comments. I share these with Jack as he isn't computer wise. The comments and responses that he has recieved over the past few months have, I can assure you, made an old wargamer very happy.

  4. Unusual and fantastic, great job on those!

    1. Many thanks Phil. I'll be seeing Jack next week to take some more pictures of his 54mm models. I show him the blog as he isn't quite up to speed on computers. I know he really appreciates the comments and view of the blog. More pictures of his figures 'in action' are on our other blog www.abcwargamers.blogspot.co.uk.
      ABC is for (Jack) Alexander, (Bob) Black and me (Alan) Cook.