Monday, 2 November 2015

54mm Chinese Junk

Here is another of Jack's 54mm creations.  Built 4 years ago when he was a mere 82!  Again this is scratchbuilt using foamboard, cardboard, paper and metal items such as the cannons and anchors that Jack cast himself.

The figures are the Armies in Plastic Boxers with the odd conversion.


  1. That is an absolutely gorgeous model. I am inspired to do something similar after I finish my 1/32nd scale Flat Iron Gunboat. Any chance of seeing Mr Alexander's plans for this Oriental beauty?

    1. Hi Col. I'll ask Jack if he has any plans, but on the whole, he gets an idea into his head and just seems to work it out. It is a bit scary sometimes that he can just do these things. I just hope that when I am 82 - he built this 4 years ago - that I can still do these things!