Monday, 9 November 2015

28mm Death Valley Wagon

Another 28mm 'monster'.  

Jack saw an article about a twenty mule team pulling wagons loaded with Borax across Death Valley, Califormia in the 1880s and decided to build it in 28mm scale.  Needless to say we have not used this in any of our wargames!

I remember being at the Redoubt Stand at one of the shows and Jack seeing a wagon they made which sparked the idea.  He bought the wagon and asked did they have any mules? The Redoubt staff are always helpful and said 'yes'.  At which point Jack asked for '20'!  Not your usual item carried in bulk by any trader to a show, so they handed over the 8 they had and good to thier word posted the other 12 plus an out rider to him within a few days.

Jack thought about the wagon and decided that whilst it was an excellent model it was too small!  He set about scratch building the 2 wagons in the pictures to scale based upon pictures he had.  

These were the juggernauts of their days a round trip took 20 days to complete and covered some 330 miles.


  1. A very impressive model of an unusual subject. Well Done Sir!

  2. Many thanks for your comments. As I mentioned elsewhere Jack is really pleased that people like what he has done and is still doing. He is a bit diappointed that I have pointed out that he missed the water wagon at the rear. I suspect he is busy making planning it as I write and the model will be even larger!