Saturday, 21 November 2015

20mm Jacklex White Coated Russians

For those to whom the name ‘Jacklex’ doesn’t mean much, or have never seen the Jacklex colonial range over the next few posts I will be showing pictures of the various nations.

The figures are still available from

We start with the classic White Coated Russians from the Russo-Japanese War range. 

Most of the figures come from Jack’s own army which he painted many years ago.  I have recently added 2 units of cavalry which I have yet to finish (base) and some infantry just for completeness of the poses. 

We have used these figures not only in games against the Japanese, but also in the scenario were the Russian invade Afghanistan and fight combined British and Indian forces.

My recent additions to Jack's Russian Army when you see the size of Jack's Anglo Indian force you will understand the need to add some units.


  1. Nice job on these Russians, they look great!

  2. I have some of these figures in my pile of unpainted lead ... and now that I have seen these, I really ought to paint them.

    All the best,


  3. Outstanding. If I wasn't doing Napoleonics......

  4. They do look great,mits a pity there were no artillery and machine guns!

    1. Hi That's my fault I forgot to take the picture!! Yes he did a set of white coated Russian gunners, but no machine gun. I'll ask him why not as he is very keen on machine guns.