Friday, 6 November 2015

Black Horse Tavern - Gettyburg

Jack made a visit to Gettysburg back in 2010 with his son and became fascinated with the various fences and buildings he came across.

One was the Black Horse Tavern which served as a hospital for confederate wounded following the Battle of Gettysburg. 

This view was taken facing northwest circa the 1860s and is courtesy of John Winkleman

Jack decided that we should have a 28mm scale building of the Tavern for our ACW games and scratch built this.  As usual, all of the roof tiles are indiviually cut and stuck on!

Jack's 28mm Black Horse Tavern model
Union Troops scout around the building
This is a big building!


  1. That is an absolutely amazing piece of art.

  2. Many thanks, Jack is genuinely delighted that you enjoyed the models.