Saturday, 21 November 2015

28mm Small Fort

Bob asked Jack to make me a small fort/outpost and this is what he produced. It has been used with colonials, pirates, TYW, Samurai and as shown here with the Tangiers garrison. It is small enough to have on the table without dominating it and large enough to take a unit or a battery.

The dock was also made by Jack. As well as being a dock for a variety of periods it also doubles as a platform for my Samurai houses. Although the Arab houses come from a variety of sources there is a “house that Jack built” – the square two storey house was made out of foam board and then stippled.

Bob tells me that the unit holding Jack’s fort are the Queen Dowager’s Regiment, the 2nd Foot. The unit on dock are The Guards – both by Parkfield Miniatures. Other  British figures are a mixture of Parkfield and Dixons.

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