Monday, 30 November 2015

20mm Jacklex Boer War Staatsartillerie - The range that never made it.

Just for the curious.  This is the range that never made it beyond a diorama in the Harrow Road Model shop and a few figures which we have. No production was undertaken and the 'pom pom' gun in the picture has gone completely, unless someone out there has it?  Jack says they were originally intended for the Boer War range.

We think the diorama may have been sold off when the Model Shop closed or maybe it was just thrown out!

The figures are shown around a British gun.


  1. It´d be a real shame if it has gone forever.

  2. Noooooo! That wee British Maxim .303 is no substitute for a Pom Pom 1-pounder! Perhaps Jack could make another one?.....

  3. His is still making the odd bit of 20mm stuff so maybe............

  4. Well I'll buy three to go with my Boers and Brits!
    I bought some of the display stuff as Hartiw sold t off, but never any Staatsartillerie........never even saw those!

  5. Spoke to Jack and I think it is unlikely he will make the Pom Pom. He is working on a model of HMS Cressy (large 4 foot long) but you never know he may be so fed up of ships. I'll keep asking.